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Welcome to PapaBears Pipes

Handcrafted Artisan Tobacco Pipes

Welcome to PapaBears Handcrafted Briar Pipes. My name is Tim but you can call me PapaBear.

In 2018, I quit my day job and retired to my little wood shop in the country and began making furniture for my kids. Along the way, I began dabbling with the idea of making a tobacco pipe from a piece of walnut I had lying around. My first pipe was sort of crude but, it smoked well and caught the eye of a buddy who asked me to make one for him. This time, I bought a block of briar and went at it with a rasp file and an orbital palm sander. The resulting product was a bit better and I had a lot more fun with it and began experimenting with various shapes and finishes.

Before I knew it, I had a whole box full of pipes that I handed out to my sons and buddies as gifts and as a reason to relax on the back porch, sip bourbon, enjoy some tobacco and quiet conversation with friends.

I now enjoy every day I spend in my shop making pipes for customers and friends. My goal is to improve continuously and to always deal fairly with my customers, many of whim have become friends.

I offer my pipes I have made at a price most people can afford and am always happy to make pipes on a commission basis.

So, take a stroll through my online store. If you don’t see anything that “rings the bell”, shoot me an email or a direct message via Instagram and ask about a commission piece.

Happy Smokes!

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