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Commission a Unique Artisan Pipe

As a pipe enthusiast, proper drilling, balance and how a pipe smokes are essential elements. 

However, when it comes to the aesthetics: the look of the pipe, it’s shape, proportions, texture, color, adornments, how the stem fits one’s mouth, the feel in one’s hand, each pipe purchase is as unique as the individual pipe smoker. 

When I craft a commissioned pipe, I endeavor to understand the sensual elements you desire and use a variety of techniques to achieve them.  

I welcome the opportunity to craft pipes in all shapes and sizes: Billiard, Lovat, Brandy, Dublin, Tomato, Anse, Elephant Foot, Blowfish, Straight, Ballerina, Apple, Egg, Danish Style, Straight, Bent, Canadian, Lumberman, Paneled, etc. There is no limit. 

For smooth pipes, a variety of dyes and dying methods are used to accentuate the dramatic grain patterns found in every block of briar. I also use sandblasting, rotary burring and traditional rustication to achieve desired textures. 

Though Briar is the material most favored due to its density and beautiful grain patterns, I also offer pipes in Olive, Morta, Cherry & Black Walnut.  

Stem and shank adornments are available in an almost limitless variety of suitable materials including indigenous and exotic woods, bone, horn, antler, acrylic, ebonite, etc. If you are unsure about what you may want, I am happy to make recommendations. If I don’t have the desired material on hand, I will order it specifically for your pipe. 


Bowl Shape
As you can see from the photos on my Shop Page, I make pipes of all shapes and sizes. For me, the primary goal is to make a pipe that feels good, looks better and smokes great. 
While I love making traditional shapes such as Billiards, Lavots, Apples, Eggs, Tomatoes, Horns, Pick Axe, Elephant Foot, Cutty, Anse and on and on, I also enjoy making free form shapes as well.
So, if you have a particular shape in mind that doesn’t exist on my Shop Page, don’t hesitate to ask me. If you can imagine it, I can probably build it. 


Bowl Color
Briar has the unique grain qualities of burled wood including straight and swirly bird’s eye grain patterns. It took quite a bit of experimentation and persistent trial and error to develop the techniques needed to bring out the stunning beauty of this special material. 
Primarily, I use a wide variety of dyes individually and in combination to achieve the desired colors of my pipes. I have dyed in every color from Pink, green, blue, red to every gradient of earth tones.
If you want a particular color, don’t hesitate too ask me.

Smooth Quad.JPG

Textures-Smooth or Rusticated

One of the joys of pipe smoking is the feel of a pipe in one’s hand. Every pipe, whether smooth or textured, should serve to enrich your pipe smoking experience. I use a number of techniques to enhance the tactile experience.

My smooth pipes are finely sanded and generally  contrast dyed and finished with either shellac or Danish oil and polished to a high gloss.

My texturing techniques include sand blasting, nail rustication and rotary burr cutting. I do full or partial texturing on my pipe in to achieve the most unique effect possible.

When commissioning a pipe, be sure to ask about texturing options.


Choose your material
For briar pipes, I use only Extra, Extra grade briar imported from Italy. While most pipes are made of briar. I also make pipes from a variety other materials suitable for tobacco pipes.  These include Olive Wood, Morta, Black Walnut and Cherry.

Additionally, I like to combine the above materials in interesting ways to make each pipe a one-of-a-kind creation.

Adornments are added to most of my pipes and include exotic woods, synthetic materials such as acrylic and ebonite and natural materials like mammoth tusk and deer antler.

Stem Trilogy.JPG

Stem Choices

Pipe makers today use synthetic material such as ebonite, vulcanite, resins and acrylic to make their stems and I am no exception to this rule.

The benefit to this is stems are beautiful, durable , comfortable and come in a variety of color combination from solid to all manner of swirl and eye-popping patch patterns.

If you have a color preference, please tell me. If you’re undecided, please click this LINK to view the materials to which I have access. If I don’t have the stem material you want, I will order it specifically for your pipe.

Commissioned Pipe Request

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